MyShows 08

In addition to my fav music in BoomBox08, I wanna share the shows I watch right now. The list would have included Pushing Daisies, Desperate Housewives and Heroes, but unfortunately they suffer from the WGA strike at hand.
So we have the fashion fabulous Project Runway. Undergoing it most shitty season, but still the best tv out there. Too bad it has some serious interruptions this season. Just wish the guys and girls at BravoTV could just broadcast the show each week without those stupid re-runs. Dexter is by far the best drama on air. It is witty, dark and extremely addictive. I've just finished reading the first two novels on which the serie is based and I lo-ove them. It must be the most inventive character on tv. Next to the Janice of course, who I adore. Still hate Tyra for kicking her off the Topmodel show. But who cares... the JD Modelling Agency also features male models, who happen to be either gay or naked the entire time. My new addiction is Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I was into the first two movies as a child and the show brings back loads of memories. And guess what? I has even proper real action scenes (unlike stuff we saw in Heroes recently).The rest of my to watch list includes the ever cheerful House, the manic American Gladiators, the boring Cashmere Mafia and the not so boring The Big Bang Theory.

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