The Year of Sam Sparro

He's no family of Captain Jack Sparrow, but hopefully his musical carreer will be an even bigger hit than the Disney triology. Some reviews:

"Sam Sparro runs the risk of being very successful indeed. He also runs the risk of being a disaster but, y'know, nothing ventured, nothing gained. If the former is the case it will be largely due to his single 'Black And Gold' being completely amazing but might also be down to the fact that his second single is an enormous balls-out pop masterpiece which, hundreds of years from now, future generations will be dancing to in their spacesuits."

"As a rising red velvet curtain reveals the stage at club Bordello downtown, 24-year-old Sam Sparro is oozing sweat and quivering with excitement. Sporting tight, metallic gold pants, a black hardhat wrapped with a miner's flashlight, '80s-era louvered pink sunglasses, and Flock of Seagulls bangs, he could easily be taken for the Ali G of dance-rock. But behind Sparro's cool-kid posturing is a solid-gold talent who quickly grabs the mike and whips the crowd into a communal fury. Beyond the Reagan-era looks is an amazing, soul-crazed vocalist blending elements of Justin Timberlake, Jamiroquai, and Prince with electronic dance music. This may sound derivative, but he lays his hazy voice and lyrical high jinks over some truly far out electro-funk. His style and sound bring a fresh wave in a sea of followers." LA CityBeat

"Then he opens his mouth and the soul speaks. We are Chaka-d by the beauty of his R&B stylings, momentarily thrown back to a sugar shack in the Bayou where honey-suckled voices reigned supreme. Sam is smooth, delicious and all too good for us." Bandweblogs

But let the music do all the talking:

He might be big. Let's hope the rest of the world finds this as equally addictive as I do.

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