The 50 of 2008: 49. Kaiser Chiefs - Never miss a beat

Critizing the youth in the UK has always been a favourite subject of the Kaiser Chiefs (e.g. I Predict A Riot). Their new album Off With Their Heads is a collaboration with Mark Ronson, which doesn't really work out to their favour... But at least the lead single Never Miss A Beat is a true Kaiser Chiefs stomper!

49. Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss A Beat

The 50 of 2008: 50. Moby - Disco Lies

The completely unofficial but very popfabulous countdown of the 50 best tracks of 2008 has started today. The rules: albumtracks must be from an album released in 2008, singles released in 2008 from older albums might count as well. 2008 being the year of release in either the USA, UK or The Netherlands.

50. Moby - Disco Lies

SciFi goes Reality tv

SciFi has made its name in science fiction tv shows like Battlestar Galactia and Stargate. But this are changing at the channel with the addition of two more reality game shows, both based on the SciFi realm. Cha$e is a action-packed adult version of hide-and-seek where a group of men-in-black like hunters try to capture the player in a random play area (the first episode: an abandoned harbour). The players have some tec stuff to help them that might come straight out of a Star Trek episode (phasers, invisibility glasses). It might ask a lot of fantasy from the viewers to 'get' the show, but I surely felt the adrenline rush while watching it.

The same can be said about Endemol USA's newest terror show. After Fear Factor they now have thrown Estate of Panic at us. A group of 7 players have to search through different rooms in an old mansion to find the hidden cash. However, each room contains a panic element. Ceiling come falling down, electrical wires are boobytraps in the garden and the ceiling has the strange habit of getting flooded. Each room sees the player leaving it the latest trapped inside, however just leaving the room to continue isn't an option either. The player who found the least money in the room is also send home.

From what I could tell from the first episodes it are two great addition to the SciFi universe...

Back in the blogosphere

DonnieStar is back in the blogosphere... blogging about music, movies, tvshows and anything popular culture that is thrown at him. Suggestions and comments? Enjoy!

Join the circus!

Just one year after her amazing, but not so successful Black Out album Britney Spears is back with Circus, and I can already tell you it ain't half as brilliant as Black Out. It just seems like Larry Rudolph, her former-and-now-back-again tries not only to get the craziness out of her life (for which I applaud him), but also off her album. Like most of the albums released this year it lacks the "oomph" that made everybody go wild over the 2007 release of Blackout. But I let's not be too negative, it is still miles better than any other pop princess album out there.

Womanizer kicks off the first half of quite amazing songs including title-track Circus, Kill The Lights, Shattered Glass, If U Seek Amy, Unusual You and Blur. But halfway through the album it looses its energy and the beats seem repetitive. It takes you straight till the bonus tracks of the deluxe edition, Rock Me In and Phonography to get back in the groove. And please, can somebody tell me why Black Out track Radar making an encore on this album?

So is she back for good? Well, with single selection Circus and Kill The Lights we can savely say Britney Bitch is here to stay.

GoGo GaGa

Lady GaGa... it's one of those singers that I just don't get. She is so over-hyped by her record label, that it is hard not to find her less promising than what you expected her to be. Especially when she is rumoured to write some stuff for the new Britney album, Circus. I liked her song Just Dance (8/10) this summer, but find it hard to love her entire new album. It feels so forced and is more Scandipop (like a worse version of September) than the Roisin Murphy she is desperately trying to portrait. Maybe I have outgrown her pop sound, but I dare to think differently. It is just all so "blah" to me. However, she does have some good bits on her album. Too bad she doesn't seem to be able to carry a great idea all thoughout a song. "Let's Have Some Fun, This beat is sick, I Want To Take A Ride On You Disco Stick" could have been the opening line for a stomper, however it ends up being a half-weak slap on the shoulder. But good news is on the way. On the re-release of her album we find the tracks that might give her the benefit of the doubt... Have a listen yourself to Paper Gangsta and Starstruck...

She is the second artist, after Leona Lewis, who adds more songs to a somewhat boring album to spice it up. And guess what... unlike Leona's it might work for the GaGa.

The Shittababes

Back in the days I used to call myself a Sugababes fan. There even was a week when I saw three concerts of them in three different countries (that being said: I won tickets for a showcase in Brussels, had tickets for the Dutch showcase through work and saw them performing at G-A-Y in London when I spend the weekend in the British capital's gay scene :) ). I didn't like the first line-up though, but ever since Heidi Range joined the group on their second album I fell in love with their distinct sound.

However, the last two studio albums seem to disappoint me so much, I didn't I even bother listening to the latest album twice. It seems like the chemuistry is lacking and the glue that used to be the voice of Mutya isn't there anymore to bind the three different voices together. Last year's Change had some great tracks, Denial, Mended By You, 3 Spoons of Suga and Never Gonna Dance Again, but this year's Catfights and Spotlights only seems to have a great album title. Listening to one boring track after another I couldn't help but noticing how this album was exactly like most of the other albums released in 2008, very ABNQ... Almost But No Quite.

However, a final spark came at the end of the album when the gorgeous 'Can We Call A Truce' finally transfered some real emotions through my headphones. An amazing ending to a very disappointing album.

Well maybe it is just because I discovered Girls Aloud over the last couple of years. They keep surprising me with every album up to date.)

Nadine and the Abs

Poor Nadine Coyle of Girls Aloud... she is torn between her always drunk ex-boyfriend Jesse Metcalfe and her newest conquest Kylie-dancer Jamie Karitzis. That's a hard choice. A hard abs choice :)

The Year of Sam Sparro

He's no family of Captain Jack Sparrow, but hopefully his musical carreer will be an even bigger hit than the Disney triology. Some reviews:

"Sam Sparro runs the risk of being very successful indeed. He also runs the risk of being a disaster but, y'know, nothing ventured, nothing gained. If the former is the case it will be largely due to his single 'Black And Gold' being completely amazing but might also be down to the fact that his second single is an enormous balls-out pop masterpiece which, hundreds of years from now, future generations will be dancing to in their spacesuits."

"As a rising red velvet curtain reveals the stage at club Bordello downtown, 24-year-old Sam Sparro is oozing sweat and quivering with excitement. Sporting tight, metallic gold pants, a black hardhat wrapped with a miner's flashlight, '80s-era louvered pink sunglasses, and Flock of Seagulls bangs, he could easily be taken for the Ali G of dance-rock. But behind Sparro's cool-kid posturing is a solid-gold talent who quickly grabs the mike and whips the crowd into a communal fury. Beyond the Reagan-era looks is an amazing, soul-crazed vocalist blending elements of Justin Timberlake, Jamiroquai, and Prince with electronic dance music. This may sound derivative, but he lays his hazy voice and lyrical high jinks over some truly far out electro-funk. His style and sound bring a fresh wave in a sea of followers." LA CityBeat

"Then he opens his mouth and the soul speaks. We are Chaka-d by the beauty of his R&B stylings, momentarily thrown back to a sugar shack in the Bayou where honey-suckled voices reigned supreme. Sam is smooth, delicious and all too good for us." Bandweblogs

But let the music do all the talking:

He might be big. Let's hope the rest of the world finds this as equally addictive as I do.

MyShows 08

In addition to my fav music in BoomBox08, I wanna share the shows I watch right now. The list would have included Pushing Daisies, Desperate Housewives and Heroes, but unfortunately they suffer from the WGA strike at hand.
So we have the fashion fabulous Project Runway. Undergoing it most shitty season, but still the best tv out there. Too bad it has some serious interruptions this season. Just wish the guys and girls at BravoTV could just broadcast the show each week without those stupid re-runs. Dexter is by far the best drama on air. It is witty, dark and extremely addictive. I've just finished reading the first two novels on which the serie is based and I lo-ove them. It must be the most inventive character on tv. Next to the Janice of course, who I adore. Still hate Tyra for kicking her off the Topmodel show. But who cares... the JD Modelling Agency also features male models, who happen to be either gay or naked the entire time. My new addiction is Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I was into the first two movies as a child and the show brings back loads of memories. And guess what? I has even proper real action scenes (unlike stuff we saw in Heroes recently).The rest of my to watch list includes the ever cheerful House, the manic American Gladiators, the boring Cashmere Mafia and the not so boring The Big Bang Theory.

Hancock with willy

Willy, cock, it might start completely wrong, but the new Will Smith movie Hancock is fierce. The trailer has just been released and this officially is the first Will Smith movie since Independance Day that I actually look forward to seeing this summer.

The movie tells the story of a hard-living superhero (Smith) who has fallen out of favor with the public. He enters into a questionable relationship with the wife (Charlize Theron) of the public relations professional (Jason Bateman) who's trying to repair his image.

Seven-O-Seven 3 Feb 08

This week in the world of Donnie Star:
- Leona Lewis shot some extra scenes for her US video of Bleeding Love. It involves two of my favorite things: Nicolas Lemmons and New York City. (
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- What didn't happen during Harry Potter's run, did happen to his successor: Alfie Allen's nakedness on Equus leaks out of the theatre onto the Internet. (
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- Chris Geary went to South Africa to enjoy the country and of course to shot over a thousand pictures of his boyfriend Eric Chavez in Speedos. When me and the bf visit the Cape we promise to keep it more decent. (
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- What to think of the new Adam Bouska model? (
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- My favourite faux celebrity, Heidi Montag from MTV's the Hills, takes the boys out to party in a gorgeous blue dress. (
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- My other favorite is getting more screentime on Oxygen. Janice Dickinson goes beyond her Modelling Agency and coaches a wannabe to the top in Janice and Abbey. (
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