GoGo GaGa

Lady GaGa... it's one of those singers that I just don't get. She is so over-hyped by her record label, that it is hard not to find her less promising than what you expected her to be. Especially when she is rumoured to write some stuff for the new Britney album, Circus. I liked her song Just Dance (8/10) this summer, but find it hard to love her entire new album. It feels so forced and is more Scandipop (like a worse version of September) than the Roisin Murphy she is desperately trying to portrait. Maybe I have outgrown her pop sound, but I dare to think differently. It is just all so "blah" to me. However, she does have some good bits on her album. Too bad she doesn't seem to be able to carry a great idea all thoughout a song. "Let's Have Some Fun, This beat is sick, I Want To Take A Ride On You Disco Stick" could have been the opening line for a stomper, however it ends up being a half-weak slap on the shoulder. But good news is on the way. On the re-release of her album we find the tracks that might give her the benefit of the doubt... Have a listen yourself to Paper Gangsta and Starstruck...

She is the second artist, after Leona Lewis, who adds more songs to a somewhat boring album to spice it up. And guess what... unlike Leona's it might work for the GaGa.

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