The Shittababes

Back in the days I used to call myself a Sugababes fan. There even was a week when I saw three concerts of them in three different countries (that being said: I won tickets for a showcase in Brussels, had tickets for the Dutch showcase through work and saw them performing at G-A-Y in London when I spend the weekend in the British capital's gay scene :) ). I didn't like the first line-up though, but ever since Heidi Range joined the group on their second album I fell in love with their distinct sound.

However, the last two studio albums seem to disappoint me so much, I didn't I even bother listening to the latest album twice. It seems like the chemuistry is lacking and the glue that used to be the voice of Mutya isn't there anymore to bind the three different voices together. Last year's Change had some great tracks, Denial, Mended By You, 3 Spoons of Suga and Never Gonna Dance Again, but this year's Catfights and Spotlights only seems to have a great album title. Listening to one boring track after another I couldn't help but noticing how this album was exactly like most of the other albums released in 2008, very ABNQ... Almost But No Quite.

However, a final spark came at the end of the album when the gorgeous 'Can We Call A Truce' finally transfered some real emotions through my headphones. An amazing ending to a very disappointing album.

Well maybe it is just because I discovered Girls Aloud over the last couple of years. They keep surprising me with every album up to date.)

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Anonymous said...

You are harsh on the girls... LOVE IT